After making the picture frames we put the same skill into making small boxes. We also used the same skill for making fancy desk lamps etc. The students had a very high success rate with these containers and often would make extra ones for xmas and birthday presents. 

Most of these were made from 80mm x 8mm thick but that was only because we scrounged a large quantity of this size timber for free.




Because of the strength of the rubbers the whole project can be cut and assembled in the one lesson and then left to dry before the next lesson.

The lids can be shaped and one year the students wanted to carve the lids.


The next step is to seperate the lid from the box.

A bandsaw is best as if the blade wanders it does not have wider and thinner cuts like a circular saw. After seperation with a bandsaw the lid can be made to fit almost perfectly with mimimal effort.

Be careful of your thumbs especiallyif your bandaw blade is a little blunt and you are pushing the box with some effort.


Don't have students standing at the side of the bandsaw as on rare occassions sometimes the blade can spear out the side if it breaks and jambs onto the spinning wheels.

Fitting the lid requires a few small slivers of timber. The better students can fit hinges if desired.


To be continued