The Sa-nguan Ying English Program (EP) is a progressive English programe where most subjects are taught in English by foreign teachers. The Class sizes are from about 18 up to about 27 in some older classes. The classes are M1 (grade7) up to M6 (grade 12) with special classes being run for about 10 weeks three nights a week for Pratthom 6 (grade 6) students interested in the EP educational stream.

M1 students generally enter the EP program with minimal English and are streamed to be sure they have the ESL EFL potential. By the time the students leave M6 many are fluent in English and many often have good Chinese to add to their language portfolio.

All students enroling in this program must have a notebook (laptop) computer that is internet connected in the classrooms and teachers are encouraged to use internet resources and the data projectors that are in every classs. There is also a well equiped library with a bank of mac computers.

Some students will ellect to have a stronger portfolio in the sciences so will forgo Chinese studies for extra Science and Maths.

Foreign teachers are accompanied in the classroom with a Thai teacher to ensure there are no behaviour issues that need to be dealt with according to Thai culture.

From the authors perspective the students are well mannered, friendly, hard working and rarely have to be chastised with possibly an exception with getting homework in on time. In all fairness the students get lots of homework and mostly try very hard to complete all work.

There are several excursions during the year where the foreign teachers accompany the students and one of these is a weekend camp. The weekend work for foreign teachers is not excessive and involves giving up about 3 or 4 days of weekends for special testing of students and competitions.

Below is an assortment of images from the typical classrooms.