Exams and Testing Policy.

Minimum pass mark for EP Students is 75%

All EP exams at the end of each semester will be one week before the rest of the school to allow extra time for marking and re-sits.

Each Unit Of Work from the Course Outlines will have a set of assessment results according to the course outline assessment chart.

Students attaining less than 75% will have the opportunity to complete re-sit tests / exams. Any student completing a resit can only achieve a top mark of 75%.


Testing time will be hectic as resits have to be marked and all the marks collated. Students need to be informed of resits and are used to this procedure.

Ask your self, are you testing language or testing subject content. If you are not testing language create questions in simple words and grammar.

Teachers will need to ask themselves, have I taught that topic so the students understand. If the majority of the class misinterprets the question and gets it wrong you have not taught the topic for understanding or there is none or very little understanding of the question. If you have the majority failing a question it can also be the question is written in a way the students can not interpret correctly. Very often a student will (by accident) interpret the question with Thai grammar and get an opposite or confused understanding.

As a general guide

  • For EP 1 and EP 2 never put more than one concept in a question.
  • For EP 3 no more than two concepts in a question and
  • For EP 4 and EP5 generally limit concepts to 3.

This is a guide only as even with dot point and single concepts, if the student only understand dictionary meaning without understanding the different contexts a word can be used in, may still leave the student very confused.

Multiple choice questions are not the desired form of questions. The directive for the EP program is where possible to create questions that require written answers.

As a way of limiting this problem give short quizzes often to the class in a form that they will become familiar with. When Final exams arrive make them very similar to the quizzes. In some ways these become practice exams.

In some cases the quizzes can be used as a tool to teach the content. To do this give the same quiz a few times as homework. Providing you have time to mark them. Make sure the quiz is short to make this achievable.

If you are not sure of a students answer try and give them the opportunity to tell you what they have tried to write, rather than resit an exam and the teacher have more marking to do.

It is expected results will be recorded in a digital format by entering into a spreadsheet for processing. The processed results are then checked by the EP staff and then sent to the main school office for recording.

A prepared data base will be given to staff to facillitate assessments. This database helps staff to understand the assessment requirements.

Photocopying of tests, if the tests are not done electronically, the test masters are sent to the school photcopy room and printed on cheap or recycled paper.