Loyalties Policy.

Persons paid by and contracted to the EP department should have their first loyalties to the EP Department.


By all means interact with other departments it is good to see what others are doing, but the EP Program has funded you to Thailand and the EP program is what you are contracted too. Before going off to do things for other departments, be sure the EP Program is not going to be left in the lurch.

You will likely be asked to take English lessons for other groups in the school and in the community, be careful your contract says

6.4 Without Sa-nguan Ying consent, the teacher shall not render services elsewhere or hold concurrent any post unrelated to the work agreed on with Sa-nguan Ying.

Just as important there will be commitments during the year and it may be hard to fulfill other demands, especially if you are wanting to travel and see Thailand. Entirely your choice just be careful you do not over commit yourself and can not fulfill your contracted duties.