Photocopying and Printers Policy.

Large amounts of photocopying will be done on recycled paper by the schools main photocopier.

Small amounts of photocopying can be done on the EP photocopier on good quality photo copy paper.

Thin (light gauge) recycled paper will not be run through the office printers.


Print off a master of the class set you want copied. Give the master to the office person responsible or deliver personally for a quicker turn around. Include the following information on the back.

Do you want the pages double-sided?

How many copies you want?

Do you want colour?

Non standard paper can cause issues please ask one of the Thai staff.

Plan ahead so class sets of photocopied material are all done at the main school printing office situated in the main office block opposite the EP building.

One day ahead is generally all that is needed but try and allow for at least 2 days.