To get a work permit you will need

•copies of your qualifications

•copies of your Passport and Visa stamps

•Copies of your arrival card attached to your passport, this is the same as your departure card with the same numbers and is appropriate.

•And get about 6 passport photos.

You will need most of the photos between visa extensions and work permits and it pays to have a few spares on the rare occasions something goes wrong and you need a repeat.

The work permit is all organised by the EP department and is completed in Suphanburi after which you can get the 12mth extension on your visa.

Carry your work permit with you when playing the role of tourist as many parks and tourist venues have a foreigners price and a Thai price. If you show your work permit you generally get the Thai price.

Finally; when you leave hand your work permit back in to the office and they will return it to the appropriate department. This is also stated in the back of the Work Permit Book. There is a substantial fine which EP has to pay for not handing in the work permit book .