Communication Policy

All communication from teachers to parents and official organizations will be done on School Letterhead and approved by the head of the EP department and where appropriate the Director of Sa-nguan Ying School.


A draft copy of any letters or emails are submitted to the head of Department for approval. The Teacher then types the letter on school letterhead paper and then distributes the communiqué.

It is very easy to make a gaff across cultures with communications.

Any form of letter requesting information or assistance for a school project will be committing the school to a formal thank you gift and an official type of recognition for the service the volunteer supplies.

The higher up the communiqué goes in the other organisation will determine who will be involved.

For example the head of the Suphanburi traffic division would expect at the very minimum to be involved with the Director of the Department or the Assistant Director of the school.

Assistance should be asked for for the writing of letters as diplomacy is very important even for a casual letter to parents. It is very easy to insult parents or officials by not giving them the correct status or phrasing requests in an inappropriate manner.

Very few principles anywhere in the world will allow communication to outside of the school without being informed first of the nature of the communication and having someone do a proof read.