Experiment with Technology

It is rare for most teachers to get this type of opportunity to experiment with technology. In the EP classes every student has a laptop and there is a data projector in each room. you can even get access to this Learning Management System

Once again don't panic if you are not a technology person. You don't have to use it, and in situations where it is needed the students will help you all the way.

But for those wanting to learn and use the technology to different degrees, even just researching on the internet there are huge possibilities.

As many universities are providing degrees online I believed students needed the opportunity to use their computers for in depth learning. not just the odd bit of research and note taking. This Learning Managment System was set up to facilitate teh teaching of students according to some of the latest reserch.

Due to the high level of technology teachers can use much of the online courses and teaching aids available to them.

The data projectors mean teachers can make full use of appropriate PowerPoint/Keynote/Impress deliveries. Photos can be used to illustrate points and small movies used in teaching deliveries.

Teachers are not committed to use the advanced technology but it is there to play and experiment with if you desire.

Each room has a sound system as well so you can play soft background music to create an ambience conducive to good working or get the students to create and present their movies etc.