Computers Government Policy


Computers are to be used as often as possible in varied ways. The Thai Government wants technology to be a large part of education now and in future years.

Computers School Policy


Games on computers are not to be played during class time. Computers are not to be open unless being used in class.

Computers must have updated software and students need to be reminded that pirating someone else's software does not allow for regular updates.

Loose cords around the room must be tidy. people have tripped on cords and pulled computers on to the floor damaging valuable equipment.

Students must not use peer to peer (e.g., U Torrens and Bit Torrens), MSN file sharing and they should limit the use of watching internet videos such as U Tube and audio streaming. These activities use a lot of internet band width and slow everyone's computer access to the internet.


Staff are also reminded of the problems of Peer to Peer, MSN file sharing, video and audio streaming and how it uses a lot of the internet bandwidth therefore slowing everyone's computers.

Students should not touch the screens of their laptops as it can damage the liquid cells if pushed too hard.

Putting sheets of paper between the lid and keyboard can break the screen or hinge.

If you are not using the computers for your class insist they are closed and put off the desk top. The temptation is often too much if they think they have a facebook message or their game is half finished. If you are using the computers insist the tops are closed before talking to the students, they can not resist the distraction.

Use the computers as much as reasonably possible, the parents have paid a lot of money for the computers and the programs and expect to see the computers used in an educational manner.