Sickness Policy. (student)

A student who is ill should be sent to the sick room on the bottom story of the Languages block near the car park. Students should not remain in the class room if ill. Parents should be informed by the nurse or those in charge of the sick room.

Procedure. (student)

If a student appears ill get another student to assist them to the sick room to lay down and get assistance from the nurse.

Sickness Policy. (staff)

When staff are ill ring Chaht and inform him of the situation. Upon returning to work a leave form is to be filled out and submitted to Chaht.

Procedure. (staff)

If Chaht is out of the country or not available ring or message Brett or Weipa. If sms messages are used please confirm contact has been made by receiving a reply message. If no message received please follow up a little later with a phone call to confirm message. 

It is important to maintain some contact with Brett or persons in the office so follow up medical support can be organised. If the office does not hear from a sick person for several hours when there is an expectation of contact someone will visit the sick person.