Respectable dress is required at all times.

All staff to wear the appropriate coloured polo tops for each day of the week.

Mondays. White with Sa nguan Ying logo.

Tuesdays. Respectable dress according to dress code.

Wednesdays. Black EP top.

Thursdays. Latest Blue top with Sa nguan Ying logo.

Fridays. Shirt made from bolt of material supplied by school or pale blue polo top or respectable dress according to dress code.

Many items are purchased for the new teacher so new teachers should wait a little before trying to purchase any uniform clothing.

No shoes in classrooms or office.


Shoulders should be covered and not low cut in the front.

Knee length or longer dresses.

Respectable shoes.


No open shoes in the school although slip-ons are ok between classrooms.

Socks must be worn.

Long trousers at all times.