Living in Yee Dee Mee Sook

Yee Dee Mee Sook is the apartment block next to the school and is commonly used as accomodation for teachers at Sa Nguan Ying School. The English Program is now responsible for the maintenance costs of the rooms including the standards of the paint work.

Previous occupants have used stick on labels, adhesive transfers, sticky tape etc to decorate their room and near corridors. This has left the paintwork in a terrible condition much to the consternation of the management of Yee Dee Mee and new teachers or new occupants.

The EP group of teachers are now the responsibility of the EP  department. Yee Dee Mee Sook management have determined that EP have to repaint the rooms to as new conditions.

After the painting all teachers residing in the rooms will then be responsible for reparing paintwork on the walls, ceilings, doors windows (all inclusive) etc, and any general damage done to the rooms.

Please keep your rooms neat and tidy as carelessness and damage from previous tennants has led to creating a more formal policy.

Photograph the walls etc so you can remember the state of the room when you move in or after the repaint. This provides you with a reference point for when you leave and have to fix or clean minor items.