A site wide glossary.

The words in a Glossary added to the front page of the site will be seen in every course.

Glossaries can be a unit of work.

A good unit of work to try is to have the students add words to a glossary added to the course they are working from. Students can add words and meanings to the glossary as a word activity. Pictures can also be added to the meanings.

In the courses

In the course the words linked to the glossary are highlighted. The student sees something like this, that is the highlighted words they can click on.

Words added to this Glossary have had translations added to words that have proved problematic with students selecting the wrong meanings from their personal dictionaaries. they think they understandWhen I add many of these words it prevents the students from being confused and dropping behind the ones that understood correctly. Often students will try and continue in confusion because they think they understand the new words meaning

Glossaries beat dictionaries because the content can be tailored to suit the courses being studied as well as the the different languages involved. It minimizes the possiblilty of translation confusions.