Learning Management Systems



There are many ways to scaffold your teaching. First you need a curriculum that allows for

  • building on prior knowledge and
  • implement that knowledge in new ways.

Configurable Reports, Lesson Modules, Glossaries, Feedback, Certificate and Message modules.

This is an example of one of the typical courses on this site. They are designed to be taught to rather than being an e-course. In this example each lesson started with a 10 minute teacher session for questioning the students about different aspects of their work.

The students often used tablets and smart phones for doing work and the students tended to work more at home and submit work out of the normal class hours, taking pressure off the classroom time. The teacher did feedback as soon as it appeared on the computer as having been submitted. Some students also also made use of the messaging facility of moodle and asked questions when the teacher was online.

This Moodle course utilizes Configurable Reports, Lesson Modules, Glossaries, Feedback, Certificate and Message modules.

It was given to a group of students as a unit of work. Many were asked what they thought of self paced learning and the general feeling was excellent to good. All students passed at 75% and 4 or 5 of the 26 students were eligable for a certificate.

Many of the Lesson modules have You tube videos doing explanations of different networking components.
These video clips were often the topic of students questions where they wanted some clarification.

The summing up notes at the end were favourable but there were a few issues that have since been fixed. The issues were mainly with the quizzes in the Lesson modules.

The strength of this approach is that it is user friendly to all operating systems including phones and tablets.

Some students used Macs others used Pc and a variety of smartphones and tablets, added to that much of the marking and site building was done on a linux and a pc.

Why Moodle

This is a very versatile Open Source program that anyone can implement on the internet.

Moodle Statistics 2013

  • Registered sites 81,329
  • Countries 233
  • Courses 7,364,739
  • Users 69,378,419
  • Teachers 1,294,308
  • Enrolments 63,155,467
  • Forum posts 124,134,055
  • Resources 66,554,543
  • Quiz questions 178,632,844


These are only the registered sites and it is estimated these figures could be considerably higher if unregistered sites were included.

It is estimated that every student doing a higher education course will have been registered at least once on a Learning management system similar to Moodle.

The examples here are only examples of my own site and using different template and for developing your site for different reasons it may look very different to the examples.