Marking with Rubrics

After clicking on the assignment go to Edit Settings go to the Grade function and select Advanced grading - Rubric.

You should end up at the first page shown in the flash movie, If not go to the assignment settings and select Advanced Grading. The Rubric should be the option (not exactly the same as the pic)

 Accessing the menu for advanced grading.

 Set up your Rubric


The Rubric can be shown to the students as part of the assignment. When they click on the assignment to submit work the Rubric is the first thing they see.

The upload or submit button is below the Rubric.

Using the Rubric.


The Rubrics are very fast to fill out and many teachers find them far superior to the paper shuffle.

There is a place for comments on each criteria and on completion the students will see their completed Rubric below their upload button.

In the example used here the students can submit their work several times to see how they are progressing. They keep doing this until they are satisfied with their mark or the due date has gone.