Recording Video and Audio.

Recording voice or video on Moodle has some excellent education possibilities.

This uses the Poodll activity plugin in Moodle which also has a whiteboard application

For younger students as well as older this has lots of possible applications as can be seen on the Poodll website.


The audio is good for getting EFL/ESL students to practice their enunciation and speaking.

As the audio format creates a small mp3 file it is a practical method if your internet is slow.

Video is excellent as the students are very conscious of what they are saying and tend to enunciate their words more clearly.

As the quiz format in which these have been used and the assignment format which these recordings can also be used allow for teacher feedback they are an excellent method for getting students to practice their pronunciations and to give them feedback on areas to improve.

The biggest advantage I can see is that I can get more students practicing and giving them all individual feedback. The other very powerful aspect of this type of activity is that it can be done outside of the classroom. This blurrs the concept of classroom as teaching learning and feedback can happen at any time the student feels like working.


I went to growl at some students when they had their smartphones out, as being a teacher I suspect them to be playing games. On closer inspection they were connected to and completing their assignment work. There in lies the othere advantage in that recording online within moodle using the Poodll activity allows for all my computer work to be completed with any Operating system such as Android, Mac, Windows, Symbium, bascially anything that has a web browser that can access microphone and camera. 

In the case of my classes students will often submit work late at night and if I am logged on I give instant feedback to the student. Whole sections of work can get completed before the next lesson.