The construction method used for these projects is to use rubber straps cut from old truck tubes to clamp all the pieces together.

Check the Mitred Picture Frames and Boxes to see what I mean.

 The pictures here are just some possible results that may evolve from a well thought out design brief.
All of these ideas has been made by students to a high degree of success.

Mitred Box light Stand And Potpourri Containers





Don't forget design briefs that can hint at, secret compartments. mirrors jewellery compartments, mirrors, carved tops, potpourri containers etc.

One student I had made a false bottom and then adapted one of the hinge screws to release the hidden bottom with a spring mechanism.



Don't set out to make a coffee table. Start with a problem to solve. This construction method is just a method to use to assist in the solving of problems. As a method it is very easy and can give a high quality result for young students.