Curriculum Policy

The curriculum is laid out by the Sa-nguan Ying Academic Committee.

The Curriculum is based on Thai Education Department requirements.

EP (English Program) policy is to follow the school curriculum.

EP policy is to include within the basic curriculum critical thinking skills.

The EP Program would also like to see evidence of understanding incorporated into the curriculum assessments as much as possible, without being in conflict with the school policy.


To understand the curriculum to be delivered to the students will need to read the following components from the links bar on the left.

  • Course Outline
  • Planning
  • Lesson Plans
  • Exams and Testing
  • Reporting


Religion Policy

Only the Thai Government curriculum for the Buddhist religion shall be taught in the class rooms.


Buddhism is taught by the monks in special classes.

Some schools are not tolerant of preaching or religious discussions in the classroom and it can end up in dismissal.

Thailand has freedom of choice with religion but Religion is not to be taught in the English Program class rooms by foreign teachers. Even a discussion about different religions or things of religious significance should be avoided by foreign teachers.