Reporting Policy.

Parents will be kept informed of the students progress.

Reports as required by the school will be completed.

Reports as per the needs for the Thai Ministry of Education will be completed.


Parents will be kept informed with formal and informal gatherings during the year. Teachers will be expected to talk to parents about how the students are progressing in general terms with the curriculum.

Chaht will direct these meetings and assist with language translating and will field any questions deemed not appropriate.

A written report will be required at least once through the year addressing the students strong points and areas of concern.

Another will be required specifically for reporting behavior. The format for these is in a word document with a student photo and a few lines to the parents.

The school will require a similar report.


Most parents have a good understanding of English even if they can not speak it fluently. Speak slowly.

Be careful if you have a list of names on the white board referring to the students because it will be noticed and you will be asked about them. This is good if it is what you want.

Be brief don't complicate your language

Don't speak too long before giving the translator time to tranlate.