Preparation Course Policy

All foreign staff will be rostered on to evening classes to assist in the preparation of prathom 6 students for work in the English Program.

Evening classes for Prathom 6 are paid at the school standard hourly rate.


Prathom 6 students have a desire to specialize in the English Language but have had no real experience of how this occurs in the class room. The evening courses run from 5.30pm till 7.00pm over about 10weeks.

It is important for these students to have a positive experience and be taught by persons who can lower their language expectations so the already nervous students are not discouraged from enrolling.

The teaching load is spread amongst the staff so the work load depends on how many persons are teaching in the program at the time.

Currently there is a PPT set up for every lesson so staff need not do a lot of preparation other than what they would personally like to do with the students.