After assessing your Brain Dominance see what the implications are.

What does it mean.

Personality wise it is very obvious from the words you use to put yourself in the different categories, but extra to that, the blue dominance has a tendency to be egotistical and have a lack of acceptance of other brain dominances, that is until they are made aware of it by something like this activity.


Blue dominance's are also the quickest to change their views and learn to accept other dominance's. Often they believe they are the only ones thinking logically but are also generally  quick to learn there are many other ways to look at problems and often the logic way is not always appropriate. (De Bono's Lateral Thinking etc). Logical thinking will often recreate the same issues from a different perspective.

The blue dominance is where the best accountants come from.

Conversations tend to be logic step by step orientated.

The red dominance is where the best personnel managers.

Conversations tend to be people orientated.

The green dominance is where the best office managers come from.

Conversations tend to be organized or organizing orientated.

The yellow dominance is where the best managers come from as they can see the big picture far clearer than persons with the other dominance's (others can learn but it is not a natural understanding).

Conversations tend to be conceptual big picture orientated.

Consider this as a pattern of dominance's. A person with this pattern would be always in conflict with themselves as they can see the support money would give people in need and always be in conflict with keeping the money ledgers balanced.

Red Blue Brain Dominance.

Their logic money brain would be in conflict wirh their humanity brain dominance.

A person with this pattern would understand the big picture of the world and the requirements of a large business but would be forever trying to do the day to day organization themselves. They could spend a lifetime trying to create the big picture before they realize that style of project could take 10 lifetimes.

Green Yellow Brain Dominance

Another situation where the brain dominaces are in conflict with each other.

A person without a specific brain dominance is a very good meeting mediator. The best planning group is one where each person has a strong dominance in a different area. The problem with this type of group is they are in conflict with each other. The person without a dominance acts as a mediator to bring all the best features of a disimilar group to a common goal.

No Brain dominance.


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