M1 M1 Interrog Prnoun - Interrogative Pronouns (Who, W,W,W,W, How?)
M1 Time - Talking about time.
M4 MS Summary
0) M4 S1.Eng - English For Travellers.
1) M4 S1 Fund. Eng. - 'LifeStyles'. Present. Simple. Contin.
2) M4 S1 Fund.Ch3 - 'Heroes'. Past Tense.
3) M4 S1 Fund.Ch5 Term Exam- 'Celebrations'. Modals.
4) M4 S1 Fund.Ch9 - Zero first conditionals.
0) M4 S2 Read Write - Mistress of Spices.
5) M4 S2 Fund.Ch11 - 'The Sea'. Multi Part Verbs.
6) M4 S2 Fund. CH12 - 'Mountains'. Passive Voice.
7) M4 S2 Fund.Ch15 - 'Pictures' Relative Pronouns.
8) M4 S2 Fund.Ch9,11,12,15 - Exam and Revision.
0) M5 Read Write - Report, Critique, Review.
1) M5 S1 Fund.Ch1 - Adventure. Tenses.
2) M5 S1 Read Write Ch2 - Stories and Reviews.
3) M5 S1 Read Write Fund. Eng. - Ch4 News Media.
4) M5 S2 Ch10 - 'Civilization' Wishes.
Eng For Work - The Service Industry (Waiter).
Sentence Quizzes Grammar Skills
M1-3 Easy Verbs PPF - Verbs Easy (Past, Present, Future.)
Verbs level one sentences (PPF) Verbs level one sentences (PPF)
Conversation tutorial - Pair Ploy Folk Transcript.
Conversation - Casual talking
M1-3 Word Skills - Food For Discussion Topics.

Some topics based on categories for an in-depth discussion.

Analyzing English Similes. Martin Luther Kings Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech. This is full of similes that need to be analyzed.