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A4: An international standard size of paper. A4 is based on the metric system and is the most common size of paper used around the world. 

A4: An international standard size of paper. A4 is based on the metric system and is the most common size of paper used around the world.


abdominal cavity

Inside of the middle section of a body where things like the stomach and intestines are.

The space bounded by the abdominal walls, diaphragm, and pelvis and containing most of the organs of digestion, the spleen, the kidneys, and the adrenal glands.

Abdominal cavity Thai translation in a science context.

Absolute temperature



the temperature of −273.16°C (−459.69°F), the hypothetical point at which all molecular activity ceases.

This is a temperature reading made relative to absolute zero.  We use the unit of Kelvins for these readings. Kelvin's values are the same as Celsius.

This is the lowest temperature possible.  If you remember that temperature is a measurement of how much atoms move around in a solid, you can guess that they stop moving entirely at absolute zero.  In reality, bonds still vibrate a little bit, but for the most part you don't see much happening

Absolute Temperature. A Thai translation in a science context.

Absorption การดูดกลืน


The process of taking up by capillary, osmotic, chemical. or solvent action, as a sponge abrorbs water.

To soak up. When a dry cloth is used to clean up a water spill the water is absorbed into the cloth.

Absorption Thai translation in a Science context.



to get quicker and quicker / faster and faster

1. the act of accelerating or the state of being accelerated

2. a the rate of increase of speed or the rate of change of velocity

3. a the power to accelerate

Acceleration a Thai translation in a science context

accept สนอง


To agree or say yes to something.

To agree with and 'go with the flow'

To not reject or stop

สนอง saL naawngR 

หยวน yuaanR



an unforeseen event or one without an apparent cause

anything that occurs unintentionally or by chance

a misfortune or mishap, esp one causing injury or death

That is not what I wanted to happen.

อุบัติเหตุ ooL batL dtiL haehtL 

อุบัติภัย ooL batL dtiL phaiM 



When you measure something, the accuracy is how close your measured value is to the real value.  For example, if you're actually six feet tall and your brother measures your height as six feet, one inch, he's pretty accurate.  However, if your cousin measures your height as twelve feet, 13 inches, he's not accurate at all

acetic acid


An acid that comes from vinegar

A clear, colorless organic acid having a distinctive pungent odor. It is used as a solvent and in the manufacture of rubber, plastics, acetate fibers, pharmaceuticals, and photographic chemicals. Acetic acid is the chief acid of vinegar. Chemical formula: C 2 H 4 O 2 .

Acetic acid, a Thai translation in a science context.

กรดน้ำส้ม grohtL namH sohmF 


acid กรด


Warning Strong acids are very dangerous to touch.

a substance that produces hydrogen ions in aqueous solutions; a proton donor.

any substance that dissociates in water to yield a sour corrosive solution containing hydrogen ions, having a pH of less than 7, and turning litmus red. 

Mild acids like citric acid (oranges lemons) leaves a sharp or sour taste.

Cutting, sharp, or hurtful in speech, manner, etc; vitriolic;

Acid a Thai translation in a science context

กรด grohtL 

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